October 13, 2020

The History of Affogato

 An Affogato is an Italian style coffee-based dessert consisting of an espresso-dipped espresso shot topped with whipped cream. It generally takes on the shape of a traditional scoop of frappes or chocolate ice cream or whipped cream topped with a rich shot of espresso or with an additional shot of espresso flavored milk. Some versions even include an additional shot of amaretto or a liqueur, such as Bicerin. 

Although the dessert's popularity is usually associated with the American diner, some Italian restaurants serve an Affogato every now and then. This article discusses some of the histories behind the creation of this famous Italian coffee drink and how it came to be.

An Affogato was first created in Italy around 1920 when the owner of one of Italy's first coffee houses, Antonio Margutti, started serving his customers an alternative to regular espresso beverages that he invented, along with a twist. 

History of Affogato

The new concoction was called "Affe", which means espresso, and was topped with whipped cream. It was very successful and became very popular in Italy and was a big hit with the public. The American coffee house owner, Louis Comfort Tiffany, became a big fan of the drink and decided to sell it in his cafes.

The popularity of this beverage spread into America and in 1960, it was featured on The Tonight Show. This helped it to gain wide popularity, and the name became widely known. Since then, the Affogato has remained popular and was even named as the official drink of Italy during the 1992 Olympic Games held in Atlanta.

Today, Affogato remains a staple dessert for many people in Italy and America. Many stores, both online and offline, offer various variations of this classic dessert including iced coffee, lattes, mochas, cakes, and even cookies. There are even cafes that specialize in serving the delicious dish and the Italian language is used to describe these foods as "affogato" instead of "espresso".

While not so much associated with the American coffee houses, Affogato has become a part of Italian culture and was recently listed as one of the ten best drinks of the 20th century by American drinkers. The dish has become so popular in Italy that many restaurants and bistros serve it at their tables during special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

With its popularity continues to grow, many people are curious about the true origins of Affogato and the real taste behind the delicious dessert. Many believe that it began as an espresso variation and that it actually was a variation of espresso that was originally developed in Italy, then introduced to the world by Antonio Margutti of Italy. 

Some also suggest that it is a combination of different drinks such as coffee and ice cream and have a slightly bitter taste similar to that of coffee. Whatever the true story behind Affogato, its popularity continues to grow, with millions of people enjoying its flavors and delicious concoctions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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